There’s nothing quite like spending the day out on the open water. You love your boat, it’s your pride and joy, but maintaining it can be quite a difficult task. At Perfect Finishes, we can take care of that for you because we offer the best boat detailing Richmond Hill has to offer! With Captain Mike’s thirty-years of experience, we can handle just about any job you bring our way and we work on most marine vessels. We are fully mobile, so we come to you and we also do boat deliveries as well. We take pride in our work so you can rest assured that your investment is taken care of from top to bottom. At Perfect Finishes, we use only the highest quality products so that you can feel confident that you are receiving the best possible work. We can fully detail your boat and even protect it with Ceramic Pro Marine nano-ceramic coating that has a hydrophobic finish. Ceramic Pro Marine provides the best possible protection to the boat’s exterior, both above and below the waterline. It is incredibly durable and protective, especially with its hydrophobic finish. The slick finish below the waterline helps prevent sea creatures and elements from sticking to your vessel. Above the waterline, the hydrophobic finish allows for water to bead off the surface effortlessly and make cleaning a breeze. Whatever type of vessel you have, Ceramic Pro Marine is a great choice to help improve the longevity of your vessel and keep it looking sharp. There’s seriously no one better than our experts at Perfect Finishes!

Ceramic Pro Marine has been specifically designed to protect all surfaces on your boat. It uses cutting edge technology so you can save thousands of dollars on aftercare. Reduce your maintenance time and costs with Ceramic Pro Marine! Leave your boat detailing to our experts at Perfect Finishes. Request a free quote here.


Maintenance Washes

Our maintenance washes are vital if you want to ensure that your marine vessel is well cared for. We inspect the boat or yacht for any damages and alert you of any imperfections, at first sight, to arrange getting them fixed. By regularly scheduling maintenance washes for your boat, you will avoid oxidation and damages from ocean critters. Our maintenance washes will clean the exterior of your boat to keep it in excellent condition. We also offer vinyl cleaning and can apply a Ceramic Pro Marine coating to keep your boat looking good year-round.

Teak Restoration

If your teak is dark brown from old, oxidized dressing, or weathered grey from neglect, the first step is a thorough cleaning. The severity of the discoloration of the wood will determine the severity of restorative measures required. Let our team at Perfect Finishes Marine and Auto Coatings restore your boat’s teak to its original condition so you can feel proud of your beloved marine vessel. We have over 30+ years of experience working on boats and you’ll be able to see that with our results. 

Varnish Maintenace

If your boat has any damages to its varnish, then you’ve come to the right place. Perfect Finishes knows exactly what to do to restore your varnish. Repairing varnish can be quite tricky so it’s important to bring your boat in regular so we an inspect for damage. A new crack is much easier to repair and hide than old damage that has had time to discolor the underlying wood. The UV rays of the sun can drastically change the color of the wood in a very short time. Any water that has leaked under the varnish is likely to change the color of the wood, which can show up as dark spots in repairs or even in total re-finishes. Let our team repair your varnish and perfect your boat.

Fiberglass & Gel Coat Repair

If your boat has a case of dock rash it could be time to think about repairing and refreshing your gel coat. No matter how careful you are, fiberglass boats collect dings and gouges over time. Many of these are minor and limited to the gel coat — that smooth, shiny outer layer of the fiberglass layup. Shallow scratches can often be wet sanded and buffed out. But when larger cracks and gouges form, they need to be filled. It’s important to fix any blemishes to avoid moisture from migrating into the laminate as well as to preserve the appearance of the boat. Let our team of experts take care of all your boat detailing needs.


Ceramic Pro Marines protective layer reduces the surface tension of any surface allowing bird/bug dropping, fish blood, oil and any other contaminants to be easily washed away. Say good bye to harsh chemicals and time consuming washes.

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