Boat Painting Richmond Hill

Our team at Perfect Finishes Coatings are the experts you have been looking for if your vessel is in need of the best boat painting Richmond Hill! We have the skills and experience to make sure that it is nothing but smooth sailing for you. Over time the sun and UV rays can take a serious toll on your boat’s paint, leaving it looking a little dull. That’s nothing a little paint can’t fix. If you want to make your boat look like new, you’ve come to the right place. A fresh layer of paint and our regular Maintenance Washes can go a long way in keeping your investment looking great. At Perfect Finishes, we do not cut any corners. We make sure to remove all hardware like rails, cleats, and vents. We then repair any surface imperfections like chips, dings, or gouges. Then, we prep the surface by washing, de-waxing, and thoroughly sanding it. Finally, we apply the primer and then the paint. We finish off this whole process with a fresh coat of wax of Ceramic Pro. Your boat will stay looking like new. That is why you can trust our experienced professionals at Perfect Finishes Coatings for the best boat painting Richmond Hill! We are here to handle all things boat related like Gelcoat Repair, Teak Restorations, and Boat Maintenance Washes. Contact us today for more information!

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Marine Painting

The Process:

  • Removal of all Hardware
  • Surface Repair: chips, dings, gouges
  • Washing, De-waxing, throughly sanding
  • Primer Application
  • Paint Application
  • Wax or Ceramic Pro