Boat Washing Near Me

If you have been searching for ‘boat washing near me’, our experts at Perfect Finishes are here for you! If you are a first time boat owner, or even a seasoned boat enthusiast, you may not realize just how important it is to thoroughly wash the salt water off after every use. Failure to do this could result in corrosion, and we definitely do not want that. Here at Perfect Finishes, Captain Mike has years of experience in boat and yacht maintenance. He understands just how important it is to regularly maintain your marine vessel. Our maintenance washes are absolutely vital if you want to ensure that your boat is well cared for. After all, you have invested quite a bit into this machine.

Starting off, we inspect the boat or yacht and alert you of any imperfections we notice at first sight. We then wet your entire vessel and wait for the salt crystals to dissolve. We rinse a few more times to prevent water streaking. We avoid harsh cleansers and chemicals because they can be corrosive to your gelcoat. Our washing methods are gentle but highly effective. By regularly scheduling maintenance washes for your boat, you will avoid oxidation and damages from ocean critters. We will keep the exterior of your boat clean and in excellent condition. At Perfect Finishes, we also offer vinyl cleaning to keep your boat looking great all over. We highly recommend finishing off your maintenance wash with Ceramic Pro Marine for an added layer of superior protection! Contact us today.


  • Inspection
  • Thorough Rinsing 
  • Protection against oxidation and ocean creatures

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