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If you have been searching for the best car wash near me, you have found it here at Perfect Finishes! Here at Perfect Finishes we are experts on the clay bar method and paint decontamination. If you are looking for a little more than just an Exterior Touch Up, and your paint needs a little more TLC, our Clay and Polish Package is the one for you. The Clay and Polish Package is a deep cleaning and cleansing of your vehicle’s paint. The clay portion refers to a clay bar method, which is a process that involves using detailing clay. This specialized clay is a compound that is made of engineered resin to extract and remove contaminants from the paint’s surface. When you glide your fingers across the surface of your paint, and you feel roughness, that means that your paint is in need of paint decontamination. Those bumps that stick around after a car wash are really stuck on there and prevent your paint from shining like it’s meant to.

The clay has the ability to remove stubborn substances like rail dust, brake dust, and tree sap, which can’t be removed by traditional washing. The clay works by sliding along the paint’s surface and grasping particles projecting from the paint’s surface. It’s critical that the surface being treated with clay is prepped with a clay lubricant in order to avoid further scratching. Detailing clay has the ability to remove contaminants from paint caused by airborne pollutants like acid rain and industrial fallout. These can contain metal based particles that easily penetrate and damage the paint. Clay bar treatment is an excellent way to repair this damage and remove these contaminants. If you are looking for more than the Clay & Polish Package, we also have a Paint Correction Package and a Concourse Correction Package. Our Interior Detail Package can be added on to any of these packages or booking separately. Contact us today for more information!

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Clay Bar Richmond Hill

Package Includes: 

  • Clay Bar
  • Polish (1 Stage Correction)
  • Car Wash
  • Wheel & Tire Detail