Gel Coat Repair Savannah

If you own a fiberglass boat you have probably been looking for the best gel coat repair Savannah has to offer. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, fiberglass boats can collect dings and gouges over time. It could be from a muffled landing, or dropping something. Gelcoat repairs can be simple, but it’s best to let a professional handle the job. If your boat has a case of dock rash, it could be time to think about letting our experts at Perfect Finishes, repair and refresh your gelcoat. The gelcoat is that smooth, shiny outer layer of the fiberglass layup. We start off by making sure to perfectly match the color. Due to weathering on your boat, the matching gelcoat might not actually be a perfect match. The idea is to make the repair blend in seamlessly, so matching the color to the exact shade of your vessel is an important step!

We take the extra precautions, making sure that the color is as accurate as possible. We then move on to cleaning up the edges. Shallow scratches can often be wet sanded and buffed out. Larger cracks and gouges will need to be properly filled. This is important because we want to avoid the possibility of moisture migrating into the laminate. We also want to preserve the appearance of the boat. We meticulously spread the new layer of gelcoat over the repair, and we work quickly so that it doesn’t harden. If needed, we will sand it out to make the layer even. Repairing your gelcoat is not just a cosmetic issue. These things should be repaired properly in order to extend the life of your vessel. Our team of experts are the people you need to keep your boat in tip-top shape! Contact us today.


  • Inspection
  • Color Match
  • Buff and Sand of Scratches
  • Filling of Larger Cracks and Gouges
  • New Layer of Gel Coat

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