Marine Maintenance Richmond Hill

If you have been looking for the best marine maintenance Richmond Hill has to offer, Perfect Finishes Coatings is the place to be! We are experts in all this boat related and that includes canvas waterproofing. There are several different types of canvas that can be used on a boat, and all of them may require water proofing at some point during your ownership of the boat. There is traditional cotton canvas, vinyl-coated polyester, and woven acrylic canvas. Traditional cotton canvas swells when it gets wet, sealing the weave. Cotton canvas loves mildew, which means that is is not usually used aboard pleasure boats as much as it used to be. On most newer boats you will find either a vinyl-coated polyester canvas of a woven acrylic canvas. Vinyl-coated fabric is waterproof, but it does not breathe. In order to prevent the growth of mildew, it must be kept well ventilated. Acrylic canvas is the most durable as it is waterproof and it breathes, however, it gets its water repellency from a chemical treatment that will need to be redone eventually. That’s where we come in! We use a special waterproofing treatment that is compatible with the original treatment of your acrylic canvas and provides long lasting results.¬†That is why you can trust our experienced professionals at Perfect Finishes Coatings for the best marine maintenance Richmond Hill has to offer! We are here to handle all things boat related like Gelcoat Repair, Teak Restorations, and Boat Maintenance Washes. Contact us today for more information!

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Waterproofing Canvas

We work with:

  • Cotton Canvas
  • Vinyl-Coated Fabric
  • Acrylic Canvas
  • Treatments Compatible with Acrylic Canvas