Teak Restoration Near Me

Here at Perfect Finishes, we offer the best teak restoration Savannah has ever seen! When teak is left untreated, air pollutants can make your beautiful teak unrecognizable. We start off our teak restoration with a thorough cleaning. We do this carefully because scrubbing can leave your teak looking worn and change its appearance. If the cleaner is too strong, your expensive teak can literally dissolve. We make sure to use the gentlest cleaner we possibly can to best preserve it! The severity of the wood’s discoloration will determine the severity of the restorative measures required. The more your teak has been damaged by the elements, the more intense our cleaning methods will be. The more work your teak needs, the stronger your cleansing process will be.

Next, we try to achieve a natural finish. There are a few different ways we can do that. Oiling teak on boats is a time-honored tradition! Oil intensifies and accentuates the colors and grain patterns of the wood, giving it a more luxurious appearance. The benefits of oil do not always last that long, however. Another approach is using a sealer. It is both natural and durable, sealing out moisture and dirt. We always make sure to apply sealer to an oil free surface. Another option is varnish! Varnish leaves a gorgeous finish and offers genuine protection for the wood. Your wood will not dry out, it will not split, and it will not absorb moisture. Our team at Perfect Finishes can restore your boat’s teak to its original condition. Your teak will be unaffected by rot, dirt, and mold. We want you to feel proud of your boat, and we back this with over 30 years of experience. Working on boats is our absolute passion and we strive to make you happy with our results. Contact us today.


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