Varnish Maintenance Savannah

If you have been searching for the best varnish maintenance Savannah has to offer, you have found it here at Perfect Finishes. Captain Mike and our team have over 30 years of experience in working with boats and yachts. If your boat has any damages to its varnish, then you have truly come to the right place. Repairing varnish can be quite tricky, so it’s good that we know what we’re doing! When you first bring in your boat, we will inspect the damage. Regular maintenance is important. The longer your varnish has been cracked or damaged, the more difficult it is to repair. So bringing your vessel in regularly will make any repairs much less daunting. The UV rays from the sun can cause some serious damage and discoloration. If there has been any water leakage under the varnish, that can cause discoloration as well. At Perfect Finishes, we always make sure to use clean tools when doing varnish maintenance. We always start by cleaning your vessel first. This is to avoid any unsightly bubbling. Any varnish that has been damaged before will be scraped off and sanded. After we scrape, spot-coat and sand, we wash the boat to get rid of the dust. When we start to brush on the varnish, we always make sure that we have clean tools to avoid any blemishes and errors. The number of coats we use will depend on the state or your vessel. Boat maintenance is our passion, so let our team repair your varnish and perfect your boat. Contact us today.


  • Inspection
  • Thorough Cleaning 
  • Scrape off and Sand Damaged Varnish
  • Spot-Coat
  • Second Wash

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